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Mortgage Refinance in Chicago

Are you still happy with your current interest rate? What about the terms that govern your mortgage?

If your mortgage could be serving you better, MidAmerica Bancorp, Inc. can help you refinance to a product that better meets your needs.

Experience the Benefits of Refinancing in IL

If you refinance your mortgage, you might be able to look forward to some of these benefits:

  • A lower mortgage rate.
  • Additional time to pay off your loan (or less, if you prefer).
  • No more mortgage insurance requirement.
  • The chance to switch between an adjustable and fixed mortgage rate or the other way around.
  • Renegotiated loan terms.

The exact benefits you qualify for will depend on your individual refinancing scenario.

Is This the Time For You to Refinance?

There are a number of different situations where a mortgage refinance might be in order. For example:

When you could qualify for a lower interest rate. There is no reason to continue to pay a higher interest rate than you need to. The sooner you refinance to a more affordable rate, the more money you will save.

When you plan to move in a few years. If you were going to live in your home for decades originally, but now plan to move within the next several years, it could be a good idea too switch from a fixed rate to an adjustable rate on your mortgage. By doing so, you have an opportunity to save during the introductory rate period.

When your income has decreased. If you are not making as much money as you did when you first took out your loan or if your other expenses have increased, refinancing to a longer loan term can reduce the amount of money you need to pay on your mortgage every month.

When your equity has grown. Do you pay for mortgage insurance? If your equity in your home has increased, you might now qualify for a mortgage with no insurance requirement. That can add up to saving quite a lot of money over the months and years to come.

When you need to consolidate. Have high-interest debts that you need to consolidate? You can make them more affordable and easier to manage by consolidating them into your refinanced mortgage.

When you need more financial stability. Refinancing can increase financial stability in multiple ways. Some of these, we have already discussed. But another could be by helping you lock in a low, fixed interest rate if you currently have an adjustable rate. Some homeowners also like to do this for added peace of mind.

When your qualifications have improved. Since becoming a homeowner, your borrower qualifications may have significantly improved as your financial means have increased. If that is the case, it may be worth revisiting your current mortgage and checking whether you might qualify for something more competitive through a refinance.

Refinance Your Home in Illinois Now

You deserve to pay the most competitive mortgage rate and to enjoy the best terms you qualify for. To refinance now, please give us a call at (708) 237-4050 to schedule your free consultation. We work with homeowners in Chicago, throughout Illinois, and in Indiana and Florida.

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Pawel Fonfara
Pawel Fonfara
01:04 16 Sep 21
Darek is a man with lots of knowledge, he is very patient and likes to work with people. I just closed my third deal with him.
19:35 19 Aug 21
Rich is amazing. His team goes above and beyond to get your deal closed.
Monika Budz
Monika Budz
02:38 02 Feb 21
Hasani Bandele
Hasani Bandele
17:09 29 Dec 20
I have worked with many mortgage brokers in the past, and this team is clearly one of the best. I know that they will handle my business fast and professionally!
Greg Landowski
Greg Landowski
14:11 23 Jan 20
Excellent and professional service as usual.